Shift Happens at AOC

I've been at the AOC Annual Technology Conference for the last two days, which is themed "Digital Natives, Digital Spaces". I was speaking on the first afternoon, and my sense of relaxation disappeared in the first 5 minutes of the conference, as it opened with my Shift Happens video presentation. Aargh - I'd planned to use it to open my session, so I had to spend an hour re-working my presentation for later. The Shift Happens UK version (based on an American presentation) strikes a chord with so many audiences, that I'm now getting an email every day from somebody I've never heard from, or spoken to, asking for more information about it. I've only shown it 8 or 9 times in the last year, but it is amazing how today's viral environment means that so many people both inside and outside of education have seen it, or used it themselves. When I finished the UK version, I popped it onto the blog and made a download available in PowerPoint and video format. It then took on a life of its own - somebody posted it onto You Tube, and it continues to progress outwards.

Video: Shift Happens UK

If you want to download the Shift Happens video, and the UK PowerPoint version, take a look at the all resources on on this blog post, as well as reading more about how it came to be!

Then I had to do another, milder, amendment, when another of the speakers used the Microsoft video of the BSF Showcase software, which I'd planned to include too!

The good aspect of all of this is that there's a resonance between what we're thinking (and saying), and others. The downside is that I need to create more presentation resources, some of which can be used by others - but I'd better keep one of them secret, so at least I can be sure I don't get this panic too often!

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