Digital Inclusion at the AOC Conference

As promised to the delegates, here are the presentation resources from my session at the AOC Annual Technology Conference. (AOC is the Association of Colleges, and their IT conference is a way for people to focus specifically on the way that IT can be used to support learning in colleges). My story, entitled "Digital Inclusion - engage, exploit and evolve", looks at the changes we're seeing in technology and workstyles outside of education, the way that students are using technology, and what the major strategic issues are for FE colleges (as relayed to us via college principals).

You can see the Microsoft Surface released videos on the Surface website

Finally, you can download the excellent video of the US students below. The version I used is an edited version of the original, which I'd twinned up with KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I see". The download below is sound-track-less, so it's time to hone your Movie Maker skills!

The video is from the Digital Ethnography project at Kansas State University, and the full video is on their web site.
If you liked it, the other video they produced which I'd recommend is their (more technical) Web 2.0 video "The Machine is Us/ing us".

The presentation is slightly different from the one I'd planned to deliver (because two of the parts I'd planned were used by other speakers earlier in the day - Shift Happens and the BSF Showcase Video, which is on the right of this webpage)

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