Ultimate Steal – good news for staff

With only three weeks to go, I can imagine this blog post could create some howls...but better late than never.

We have just managed to convince all the powers-that-be that staff should also qualify for the Ultimate Steal. Until today, if members of staff in your college wanted a copy of Office, they could either buy the "Home & Student" version in a shop/online (at about £80-90), or use Home User Rights (if you allowed them, and you'd both agreed to the terms), or various other convoluted routes. But now we've managed to get the lawyers and licensing teams to agree to include staff into the Ultimate Steal offer.

What does this mean?

Staff can now purchase, for their own use at home, a copy of Office 2007 Ultimate Edition, for £38.95, via www.theultimatesteal.co.uk

What's the qualifying criteria?

The lawyers insisted there should be some qualifying criteria (after all, they argued, what happens if somebody is employed as a tea lady - do they qualify?) and so we created some with them. Hopefully it is easy for all of your staff to qualify - including the tea lady. There are just two simple criteria:

1. Staff must hold a valid email address at a UK, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man educational institution, ending in either ‘.ac.uk’, ‘ac.im’, ‘ac.gg’ or ‘ac.je’.


2. You must be employed at an education institution geographically located in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, for at least an average of 8 hours per week or 4 teaching hours per week

Do we have to do anything?

Nothing other than letting your staff know they've got 3 weeks (and counting) to take advantage of the offer. If you want an email template, take a look at this post

Comments (4)

  1. Slimy says:

    Can someone please confirm that this change applies only to the UK or whether it is good for the whole Ultimate Steal campaign. Thanks!

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Slimy (oh, it doesn’t feel right typing that!)

    This change is specifically for the UK only – it’s not the case for the other countries running the deal. If you’re not from the UK, you’ll need to check the requirements for those countries running it (you can see the countries, and link to their websites, on the top right of this page



  3. Chris Grant says:

    Any indication as to whether a similar limited-time discount on Vista may one day be available to staff and students?

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Chris,

    Not via this offer unfortunately, but did you know that you can already order a copy from the online student shops, like http://www.software4students.co.uk, at academic discounts?


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