Open XML is now an ISO (Open) Standard

It's been confirmed this week by ISO that the Open XML file formats have become an ISO standard, joining ODF, HTML & PDF as open document standards.  My colleague Jerry Fishenden is far more eloquent about what this means than me as his post shows.

For a while I've been wondering when I should stop sharing files on this blog in Office 2003 format (eg PowerPoints as .ppt) and start sharing them as Office 2007 format (.pptx). So now, I think it's time to make the switch. It has, after all, been 18 months since Office 2007 was launched, and it is in widespread use in UK education. And if you are still using Office 2003, you can simply download a compatibility pack to read Office 2007 files. When I download others' presentations, I always want the PowerPoint version, because I can use the content with colleagues - if I download a presentation and it's in PDF format, I always feel a little cheated.

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