The Ultimate Steal – 36 days until the end

The countdown to the end of the Ultimate Steal student offer has started. The deal (Office 2007 Ultimate edition for £38.95) ends at the end of April. Lots of students have used the deal to get their own (legal) copy of Office (our earlier research says most students use MS Office, but few paid for their licence) - but there are still students who don't know of it. How do we know? Well, answers like these in the post-purchase survey:

FirstquotesMore coverage. Here (******* University) the Ultimate Steal is the best-kept secret on campus, very few people know of it.Endquotes

FirstquotesMy only suggestion is to advertise more, as I am shocked that I have only just discovered this incredible offer. If you keep this up, I will keep participating and telling my friends! - although tragically I graduate next year 🙁 Endquotes

FirstquotesMake it more widely known. The site of my university does not give a clue about this offer. Only the portal writes about the offer and this can lead to wrong purchases. Look at my case: I made a wrong purchase before I realised the Ultimate Steal offer!Endquotes

FirstquotesI found out about the ultimate steal from a bulletin board that pops up when we login to the university system. The bulletins are rarely read. You might like to put up a few posters at universities and colleges. I do not know how many purchases you have already had from *, but you will now have a few more.Endquotes

If you want your students on campus to hear about the offer before it closes, you can let them know about it by some of the techniques we've seen others using - put it on your portal, email students and pop up some posters etc. There's a mini-html flyer (for email) here, and some email/portal text here.


I always like reading verbatim responses from surveys - there's always one or two that make you laugh. Here's one that made me laugh (and, it seems, casts doubt on my parentage and the spelling & grammar capabilities of today's undergraduates)...

FirstquotesAt the university of ********* it is not widely known that we can get a cheap version of microsoft office although to be honest when it comes to writing essays i think microsoft should offer a much more standerd package for less money because lets face ti word should be part of any windows operating system as standard jesus christ the b*****ds earn enough as it is and i dont care if acording to the economy if a company doesnt increase its profits every year its seen as a failureEndquotes

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  1. David says:

    Hey are Microsoft going to do a Ultimate Steal for addresses?

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