Windows Server 2008 roadshow


The TechNet roadshows are coming soon - in April and May the team will be on their way around the country, talking about (and showing) lots more of Windows Server 2008 and the other products launched this week. I know that the launch event in Birmingham in March was filled up very quickly, and there were a number of you that couldn't get a place.

So here's your second chance. The roadshow will be heavy on demos and light on PowerPoint (you don't hear that every day at Microsoft). We'll look at various scenarios, such as managing Windows Server 2008 and how Windows Server 2008 works alongside Windows Vista. There will be  opportunity to meet the Microsoft Community, user groups and Most Valued Professionals, as well as experts with top technical information and real-world scenarios.

Places really are limited so register now:

22 April 2008, Cardiff

24 April 2008, London

30 April 2008, Manchester

12 May 2008, Glasgow

15 May 2008, Newcastle

Comments (2)

  1. Ashley Evans says:

    I’ve tried to book onto the Windows2008 session at Cardiff on 22 April, but can’t, so I assume its fully booked.  If so, can I be placed on reserve list?

    Regards, Ashley

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Um, Ashley. How do I put this politely?

    You may have your years confused…

    We’re now in 2009 – the events ran last year 🙂


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