Making it easier for people to talk to each other

Word has reached me of a series of "Communication on Demand" executive briefing events hosted by Eurodata, a Microsoft partner in London. The idea is that with unified communications, you can reduce telecommunications costs and increase productivity - and take away some of the frustrations of trying to successfully connect to other people. Although it used to be something that was for "big" establishments only, it's now the kind of thing that's within the reach of everybody, and there are a number of colleges taking steps in this direction. If you're considering bringing your telecomms and IT infrastructure together, then this event could help you to define your strategy.

The half-day agenda includes sessions with titles like "Confusion or Convergence?", "Bridging the gap between telephony and computing" and "Seeing is Believing". The aim is to help you understand some of the options for unified communications, and how the Microsoft software solutions fit into an overall telecomms picture.

You can find more details, and register for the events here, being held in London on 27th March and 24th April.

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