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There are some new changes to the the Ultimate Steal website (Office 2007 Ultimate for students with an .ac.uk email address, for £38.95, only available online). One of the most significant is that we now accept PayPal (and since we switched that on, it appears to be a popular method).

When students buy their new laptops, it appears they normally do it with Dad's credit card (in what one parent described to me as "the last big present" - they wish!). Once they're spending their own money, it appears that PayPal is more popular.

Another reason to tell your students about the Ultimate Steal

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  1. Adam says:

    Not really a comment, but a question. Will office for mac 2008 Home and Student be available for students through the ultimate steal?


  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry, but we won’t be including it within the offer. This is because we’re half-way through the offer, which is time limited, and we’re not able to add Office for Mac to it, as it has only just been released.

    Really sorry – the cheapest way to get it for Mac is to go online and buy the Home & Student version – it’s listed at just under £90 on online sites like http://www.amazon.co.uk


  3. Nyx says:

    As this is on the furture education blog, is there anyway i can get the deal if i am starting FE (A Levels) this september. I have a new computer (and its going to take me the next year to pay it off), and i really cant afford office software. Is there anything I can do. I am intresed in web design and programming, and hope to teach myself. I already do web design, but my old computer with software on it is broke.

    Can’t do my work without software, lol.


  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Nyx,

    Unfortunately you can’t qualify for the offer currently, as you’re not in a college yet. However, if you’re a school student, you can order one of our normal educational licences, which are also at better prices than normal retail licences.

    Take a look at http://www.software4students.co.uk


  5. wildernessbill says:

    Hi Ray

    I have a student asking if they can pay for this using a Solo card? Do you know if they put in their Solo details in the credit card slot if it will work?

    Thanks Bill

  6. Dennis says:

    Hello, can you confirm that office for Mac is now available through this scheme?

    Thanks  Den.

  7. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Den,

    Office for Mac will be on the scheme from January (it isn’t yet, because there isn’t a downloadable version)

    (Sorry for the delay – been on my hols!)


  8. Andy says:


    I recently purchased the ultimate steal, many thanks for the opportunity!

    I also purchased the optional disc as well. I just wanted to ask, if my PC crashes (god forbid) is it just a simple case of inserting the cd and reinstalling?

    Also, how many PC’s can I install the software on? I was thinking of getting a laptop…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Andy,

    If your PC crashes and you need to re-install, then you will need to have the CD and also the licence key (without the licence key written down, you would be up the spout! So keep it in a safe place)

    On the number of PCs question, the licence is for one main machine (eg a desktop) and also covers a companion mobile device (eg a laptop you take to campus)


  10. ashok says:


    When can i expect the ultimate steal for mac office…


  11. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Mark,

    Bad news: Sadly the Mac version has had some difficulty in making through the electronic download route of Ultimate Steal, so it’s not going to be available in this round of offers.

    Good news: You can buy it directly from two of our partners that sell directly to students.

    Both sell it at £34.70 (so that’s a better price too!)






  12. chkkrd says:


    I have a macbook and i am thinking of purchasing the windows vista ultimate through the ultimate steal is this suitable for dual booting on a mac,

    Thanks in advance,


  13. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Charlie,

    The version of Windows Vista that you get on Ultimate Steal is the same as the one you’d buy from the shop – but without the fancy plastic box 🙂

    So it is just as suitable for dual booting on the Mac


  14. Sarah says:

    Hi Ray,

    Is there a way to get Mac Office for a student for those prices if one doesn’t live in the UK? I’m from the US.



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