Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 offer Update


We've made a few changes to the Ultimate Steal website (Office 2007 Ultimate for students, for £38.95), all of which are good news. Here's what we've done:

Added the Backup DVD option to the ordering options
To be honest, we have been trying to put this here ever since launch, but some technical glitches stopped us. It's now there, so students can order media at the same time as ordering the licence. This is handy if they don't want to use the download service, or they want a backup.

Added email verification BEFORE entering the purchasing process

We've been getting hundreds of students who have incorrectly entered their email address during the purchase process, which means they haven't received their licence key after purchase. It's tricky for us to resolve these individual problems quickly, and also inconvenient for students. So now, before you get to the online shop process, you have to provide your student email address (ending in .ac.uk) and then get an email confirmation and website login. This way, if you put in the incorrect email address, you won't get your website login - you'll have to go back and enter it again correctly.

Even more reasons to tell your students about the Ultimate Steal

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  1. Georgina Leadbeater says:

    Still have not received any email from yourselves re: login details.

    Is this a genuine offer – seems not!!!

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Georgina,

    I know the system is working because we’re seeing orders coming through regularly. We looked into this on Friday, because some people were reporting not receiving the emails. The system is definitely sending the emails (apart from the first bullet below), but there are some reasons why you may not be receiving them:

    – You have to use an email address ending in .ac.uk

    Which means that if you’re using any other email address (like a Hotmail one), then it won’t send

    – We’re getting quite a few queries where people have simply put in the wrong email address (missing a dot or letter or similar). Easiest way to find out if this is a problem is to try again.

    – You may have to check your spam folder. Some email clients dump the confirmation email in the spam folder. One way to avoid this is to ensure that the Digital River (who run the site) domain is in your list of safe senders (digitalriver.com)

    – Your college/uni spam filter may be blocking it – if all 3 steps above are okay, then see if you can ask the IT team to make sure digitalriver.com is in their email whitelist, so that it doesn’t get picked up by their spam system. (Easy way to check this one – get another student within the same college/uni to register, and see if their email gets through)

    If all of that fails, drop a line to the Customer Service team, using this page:


    Hope that helps


  3. Kieran Cox says:

    I currently attend Sixth Form, and as such I only get an email address ending in .sch.uk (the school website). Does this mean I am not eligible?

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Kieran,

    I’m sorry to say that you aren’t able to order using a .sch.uk email address. This offer was intended for university students, and we were able to stretch this a little to FE students who had a .ac.uk email address.

    You can still order Office at a lower-than-retail price through our education partners (find links here)


  5. Mark DeBlock says:


    I have just started studying for a PGCE in continuing education.  However this course is only part time (for 3 years).  I do have a valid email address for the satelite college that i am studying at, but want to know if this makes me eligible for the download

  6. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Mark,

    I can’t answer specifically, from the info you’ve given, but I guess the second of the qualifying criteria comes into play, and it will depend on how much contact time you have scheduled on your course:

    If you are a Further Education student, you must have at least 15 hours of scheduled contact time for your course


  7. Mark DeBlock says:

    It is a postgraduate course through staffordshire univeity.

    Am confused as the criteria states that the PT hours clause is only linked to FE courses, this course is HE but PT…

    Help please!

  8. Ray Fleming says:

    Thanks for the clarification Mark. (Sorry, I’d assumed FE as you’d popped the comment onto the FE blog, rather than the HE blog).

    As it’s a postgraduate course in HE, then it does qualify under the eligibility criteria, which is:

    If you are a Higher Education student, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate level course


  9. Indy says:

    What if we ordered before you added the backup dvd option? Do we still get a backup dvd?

    Or do we have to order it again?

  10. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Indy,

    You’ll be shortly getting an email from Digital River (our delivery partner for the website) giving you a URL to order the backup DVD directly.


  11. Michael Wilkinson says:

    Just entered my email and got the link + password, but I click try to login it takeme back to the page asking for an email address. Why is this happening?

  12. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Michael

    Not sure why it’s not working for you – I know that it is working for most people, as the web logins are still going up.

    If it still isn’t working, then contact the customer service team. There’s a link on the FAQ page (accessed from the main http://www.theultimatesteal.co.uk website), or go straight to this page:


    Hope that helps


  13. Dana says:


    I purchased Office from the ultimate steal site but when I try to download it keeps telling me that the webpage is unavailable. I tried just clicking on the download button, as well as using the right click save target as method but both times the page doesn’t open. I also tried just entering the product key into Office but it keeps saying that’s incorrect (although I did read that an expired version of Office can’t be converted.

    I called up the Microsoft Support number and they told me the page was working fine for them so they couldn’t help me and advised me to email digital river directly, which I did but I’ve not heard back from them either.

    Any ideas what’s going on?

  14. Dana says:

    Don’t worry about my previous comment – I figured out a way around it.

  15. Dejo says:


    I want to buy Office 2007 under the Ultimate Steal terms, but, my internet connection is unreliable. However, I picked the trial disks at a Microsoft Event. If I purchase without downloading, can I use the license key with an installation from this disk(s)?

  16. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Dejo,

    That will work ONLY IF the trial disk is the same version (ie Office Ultimate) as the licence key. When you order the software however you can also order the backup DVD to install from


  17. Dejo says:

    Hello Ray,

    It is the Office Ultimate Trial pack (2 disks). Will there be a problem if I buy but don’t download, then find out that I may have to download after all (trying to keep costs down as much as possible)?

  18. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Dejo,

    No, you don’t have to download on the same day – you have up to 30 days to do the download.


  19. Adamupset says:

    I have all my codes, passwords and everything. I downloaded the program and it gave me an error that said package failed. So I tried to download the program again and it showed an error that reads ‘This website requires you to log in.’ I am becoming very upset as so far it has taken me two days to try and download this program. Please help me!!!

  20. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Adam,

    Have you contacted the support team via the Ultimate Steal website?


    Or, drop me an email via the link at the top of the page (without your contact details, I’m afraid I can’t take it any further – and putting them up as a comment on the blog will get you loads of spam!)


  21. Rochelle says:

    Hey I ordered the Ultimate steal dvd the other day. However when I went to pay for it there was an error with the paypal payment option and microsoft have said that there were issues with it.

    I just want to know when will this be sorted if you have any idea?

  22. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    I know there have been some hiccups with PayPal – if you click the "email" button at the top of the page, and drop me a line with your email address & name, I can pass this on to a colleague who can help.


  23. Heather says:

    Hi Ray,

    I purchased my dowload two weeks ago now and have been tring to install it ever since. I keep getting error code 2203, at install.

    I’ve disabled my firewall, and virus scans and keep getting told to re-download. ….

  24. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Heather,

    Can you drop me an email via the link at the top of the page? I don’t have any contact info for you from the comment, so can’t help yet. But as soon as you can drop me an email, I’ll escalate it to the right support team.


  25. Susan says:

    I bought the programme last week. Despite several emails I have received no product key. Can’t understand this, because sending the product key [which I’ve paid for] would be quicker than stacking me in a pile of emails.

    So the DVD can’t be used. But the real killer is that I downloaded the trial version. Very shortly all my data will become uneditable, my Outlook data will not be capable of converting back to Office 2003, because the trial version ceases to be usable after 25 openings. If you buy, be prepared for a long wait, and don’t expect any customer service. And don’t risk finding you can’t get an essay or dissertation completed because you cannot edit your work………..

    Hi Susan – Ray here – without your contact details, I can’t help directly, but drop me an email if you want me to escalate your query.

    You should be able to just login to get your product key – the product key is provided on the Thank You page. If you didn’t get it there or in your email inbox, then you can look it up on FindMyOrder.com

  26. Ray Fleming says:

    Just a short note – if you have a support query, and you feel it hasn’t been sorted for you by the Ultimate Steal website team (the link for the support page) then please drop me an email, using the “Email” link at the top of the page, or leave a comment AND drop me an email. If you just leave a comment, I won’t get any contact details (eg email address), and so I can’t get back to you to help, or escalate it for you.

  27. Piers says:


    I am getting very frustrated with this (very good) offer!

    I signed up a while back to be notified when the next offer was available here in the UK, and recieved an email letting me know it was. Went through the eligibility thing, gave my uni address etc etc. Got to the part for payment, filled in my details, and it says that my card detail are incorrect. Double check them- they are fine. Few more tries, still no luck. Then assume that I have the answer – my card is Maestro – perhaps that is not accepted. So I click the paypal option, fill in my address etc – then something went wrong. No problem I thought – I will just re-order it using my girlfriends credit card which is accepted.But no! Everytime I follow the prompts, click BUY NOW (I would love to!) enter card details etc, click SUBMIT the thing just says that my basket is currently empty (despite the screen before saying office 2007 x1). I have been through this process so many time now – someone please help me.

    Thank you in advance,



    NOTE FROM RAY – if you have a support query, and you feel it hasn’t been sorted for you by the Ultimate Steal website team (the link for the support page) then please drop me an email, using the “Email” link at the top of the page, or leave a comment AND drop me an email. If you just leave a comment, I won’t get any contact details (eg email address), and so I can’t get back to you to help, or escalate it for you.

  28. Ray Fleming says:

    For added emphasis! If you have a support query, and you feel it hasn’t been sorted for you by the Ultimate Steal website team (the link for the support page) then please drop me an email, using the “Email” link at the top of the page, or leave a comment AND drop me an email. If you just leave a comment, I won’t get any contact details (eg email address), and so I can’t get back to you to help, or escalate it for you.

  29. John says:

    I have downloaded the product four times; everytime I try to install it, I recieve an error saying: "The installation of this package has failed"

    I have contacted customer support twice and have received no response. I am taking English Comp. II and I need to do some writing. Help me!



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