10 Ways to Work More Securely

What's the biggest risk to your IT system security? Probably your users! For all of the efforts that you make, it only takes one user to do something really dumb inappropriate, and suddenly you're back to firefighting.

And how many times have you had to remind your users about some of the things in this list?

  1. Work with your IT department
  2. Use strong passwords
  3. Don't enable the Save Password Option
  4. Use network file shares instead of local file shares
  5. Lock your computer when you leave your desk
  6. Use password protection on your screensaver
  7. Encrypt files containing confidential or business critical files
  8. Don't open questionable e-mails
  9. Encrypt e-mail messages when appropriate
  10. Use the Junk E-mail Filter in Outlook

At the start of the new term, you might want to remind all of your users about these rules again. We recently covered this list, with further advice and actions, in our At Work newsletter, so if it adds power to your message, then send them this link, or find another way to put the page in front of them (how about redirecting their home page for a week until they get the message!). And this list is also (mostly) applicable for home users too, and with increased connectivity between home and your college systems, the more you can encourage good practice on any computer, the better protected you are.

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  1. Like last week’s posting, on 10 ways to work more securely , was a handy way of reminding your staff

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