Microsoft Volume Activation Technology 2.0 – Training from partners

I received information from Viglen on a new training course that they are running, which is designed to demystify your options for activating Windows Vista volume licence keys. It will help you make the right decisions now, so that as more products (for example Windows Server 2008) come along using the same methods, you'll have a structured and effective mechanism in place. This course is relevant to all colleges and universities using any of our volume licence schemes, such as Campus Agreement or Select. Here's the detail on the courses:


Do you know about Volume Activation Technology 2.0?

Volume Activation 2.0 (VA 2.0) features enhanced Volume Licence Key (VLK) protection:

    • Centralised VLK management and protection
    • Lower probability of keys leaking
    • Reduced risk of needing to re-key entire organisation

Do you understand the implications of Volume Activation Technology 2.0?

Beginning with Windows Vista, there will be two types of Volume Licence Keys: Multiple Activation Keys and Key Management Service.  Windows Vista must be deployed using this technology.  Windows Server  will also be deployed using the same mechanism.

Do you know your MAK from your KMS?

The Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activates either individual computers or a group of computers by connecting directly to Microsoft servers over the Internet or by telephone. Your organisation can host the Key Management Service (KMS) internally to automatically activate computers running Windows Vista.

How does this affect you?

When you choose to deploy Windows Vista or subsequent operating systems (for both server & desktop), you will be required to use Volume Activation Technology 2.0.

What can Viglen do to help you?

As one of the top tier licensing resellers in the UK as well as an OEM, we are well placed to understand the product deployment needs of our customers.  We also understand the implications of this type of technology when it comes to large scale roll-outs of important applications such as desktop and server operating systems.

Therefore we have designed a “bespoke” TECHNICAL training course to help customers understand how this technology works. 

Contact for further information and course dates or call us on 01727 201890

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