It’s arrived – Office Ultimate 2007 for Students – for £38.95!


We have been working on this for a while, and it has finally arrived. Yesterday we announced the availability of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for UK Higher Education students, as a download, for £38.95.

The headline summary is:

It's a time-limited offer available to students with a email address as a digital download, containing the full Ultimate package.

This also means that some colleges, who provide email addresses for their students, will also qualify! And, if you don't provide email addresses currently, drop Sarah Finch in our FE team a call (0118 909 4304) to talk about Windows Live @ Edu - a free, hosted email service for students.

This is a pilot in a limited number of countries - UK, US, Canada, Spain, Italy and France - and it's good news that the UK is in the pilot. Most UK students think that Office costs £000's of pounds, and aren't very aware of the lower cost licences that have been available (for example, under the Select licence), so this makes it easier for them to buy a legitimate copy easily and cost-effectively.

We're not going to spend lots of money advertising this - for one thing, it is only available to students with a email address, and so putting adverts all over the media isn't going to work. But we will be doing some on-campus promotions at some universities, using email to students, and many universities have already asked for posters and emails to send to their own students.

If students in your college have email addresses, and you'd like to get some posters, flyers, or want to check what you can email to your students, drop a line to Sarah Finch in our FE team

All of the details are on the offer's website:

ps Have you got questions? Add them as a comment, and then I'll answer them here - hopefully everyone else will benefit from the answer too!

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Comments (22)

  1. Steve says:

    Shame it couldn’t be extended to sixth form students in schools…

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have to agree – it would have been lovely to extend it to all students, however it is very tricky to find an easy way that school students could be validated, without leaving some ‘outside’ the offer. With HE students, it would appear 100% of eligible students have a email address, so we know we’re not leaving anybody out; and then it can extend in to some FE colleges too.

    Qualifying students can still purchase MS software at lower cost through other routes – like

  3. paulinesul says:

    Would this cover Open University Students? I’ve just started a Maths course, (recommended study time 8 hours per week). We don’t get email accounts as we study from home.

  4. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Pauline,

    Unfortunately you wouldn’t qualify, as the definition of an active student is that they have a minimum half-course load – we’re just defining that down a little bit more carefully, which is likely to mean defining a certain number of CATS points – but it’s unlikely you could qualify on this alone.

    In addition, you do have to have a university email address ending in to be able receive the licence key (that’s the way that we are validating purchasers are students).

    One of my colleagues is having a chat with OU currently, to see whether this offer can be extended out to some/all OU students, and as we have news on this I’ll update the blog.


    Ps Don’t forget that qualifying students can still purchase MS software at lower cost through other routes – like

  5. Neil says:

    Rayfl, any news with the open university?

    We do get e-mail addresses. I’m currently studying a part time degree, at 50% full time which is 16 hours per week. Would I qualify?

  6. Ray Fleming says:

    For your specific example, then you do qualify, so you can go ahead and order.

    We’re just checking an update to the wording with our legal team (we have to be absolutely sure before we change the wording), and that will make it even more clear for everybody else. But in your case, you’re okay to order.


  7. Leon Denny says:

    Hi I am a college student and have an email address ending in ‘’ I am on a full time course which is 3 days a week (16 to 18 hours a week). Do I qualify?

    Fantastic offer by the way!

  8. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Leon,

    Yes, you would qualify, as we are just about to publish a better definition of what a "0.5 course load" is. It will be defined as FE students who have a minimum of 15 hours per week scheduled contact time.

    So you’re in!

    (The other criteria doesn’t change – you must use your own email address)


  9. Matthew Lintern says:

    I am in full time education at a language college but I do not have a email address. What can I do to prove I am a student?

  10. Jacqui says:

    I have just purchased Office Ultima for £38.95. The offer said "Download Office Ultimate 2007: If you don’t want to download, you can also order a physical DVD during the purchase process for a small charge".

    However, when I went through the purchase process, I didn’t see anything about ordering a physical DVD for a small charge.

    Any idea how I get this and what the charge is?


  11. Amir Khan says:


    I go college in Full time education A- Levels.

    O have spoken to the Head of IT in my college and he said that students dont get a "" email accounts as the college is not authorised to do so.

    But he is willing to send an e-mal which has a "" ending as he is a teacher! And any other confirmation that I am in full time education etc etc

    Will I still be eligible?

    Who should I contact?

    Thanks for your help!

  12. David says:

    Bit of a shame that when (as a UK user) I try to purchase the software, it keeps on saying that my basket is empty and won’t let me start a download or pay any money !

  13. Ray Fleming says:


    I’m afraid that you can only buy if your college provides you with a email address as a student.

    We know that not every college does this, and the offer is mainly aimed at University students. We extended it to FE students because we wanted to make it available for those who did get a email address.

    Some colleges do give their students a address, but for others there’s the issue of providing and managing those email accounts. For those colleges, there is a service called "Windows Live @ Edu", which is a hosted email service, provided in a similar way to Hotmail, but the college owns the email domain, and provides the accounts, and we simply run the service and provide the 5GB mailbox per student.

    There’s more info on that here:


  14. Ray Fleming says:

    Jacqui (and others who’ve been asking)

    The option to this has been delayed again on the online store, and is now scheduled for the end of the this week. If you order in the meantime, you will get the option to also order a back-up DVD afterwards.

    Here’s the detail from a colleague:

    "Although customer support has been taking orders from customers who have contacted them, we will be sending an email to all customers that have purchased without the ability to add back-up, providing a separate store to make this purchase."

    So you can order now and either use the contact form on the site to contact the Digital River customer support, or wait until an email drops into your mailbox providing a link. I can’t confirm the exact price but it will be under £10.

    If you’ve been following this question over the last two weeks, then let me apologise for this issue – it’s purely that we haven’t been able to get this into the online store – there won’t be an issue providing these DVDs going forward. We launched the online store in the UK ahead of many other countries, and so the worldwide project team’s time has been subsequently spent launching other country sites, before being able to get back round to add this to ours.

    Please bear with us!


  15. Ray Fleming says:


    Not sure why you can’t add it to your basket! I’ve not heard the same from others. Does anybody else have the same question? I’d suggest using the contact button on the website, and including your email address, and they can’t try and pin it down for you.


  16. Gavin says:


    I tried to get this amazing off but it’s not accepting the ‘’ password i enter and I am eligible for the off. Why?


  17. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Gavin

    Not sure why it’s not working for you – I know that it is working for most people, as the web logins are still going up.

    If it still isn’t working, then contact the customer service team. There’s a link on the FAQ page (accessed from the main website), or go straight to this page:

    Hope that helps


  18. Ian says:

    I thought this was a really good offer, but when I purchased it, I click on the download button and all I get is a 404 page not found. Any ideas what the problem is? Its pretty annoying having purchased a license but not being able to install the software.

  19. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Ian,

    You can contact the website Customer Service team directly using this link:

    (There’s a link on the right hand column)


    (Additional note: Ian, do you want to drop me an email via the link at the top of the page)

  20. Georgina says:

    Hey i’m having same problem as David, it keeps saying your basket is currently empty as I try to complete the process? Ne tips yet?

  21. moonie says:

    i’m having same problem as david and this is so fustrating

  22. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Moonie,

    David’s problems were last year (Oct 2007!) – I’d suggest you contact the support desk on the website from the link on, and they should be able to help you


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