Handheld Learning Conference 2007

What do Stephen Heppel, Stephen Crowne & Marc Prensky all have in common? Well, they along with a range of others, will be speaking at the Handheld Learning Conference this year.

John Galloway said of last year's conference:

"the key element in London's recent Handheld Learning conference was not the tools but the ethos behind them. It covered more than one technology - in fact anything you can easily carry, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), iPods, tablet PCs, mobile phones, and even games consoles. These are not new technologies, and the speakers weren't saying anything they hadn't said several times before. However, it seems the message - that these devices can fundamentally change learning - is beginning to be heard more widely."

Normally it would cost you £295 to attend the conference on Wed 10th October - Friday 12th October in London, but I have in my hands a voucher code that would allow you to register for only £195. To get this price, simply enter the code "hl07 microsoft" onto the registration page when you register.

If the feedback from last year's conference is repeated this year, it's going to be a thoughtful and insightful look at how learning can be changed through the use of all kinds of mobile devices. In fact, the message from the conference is that there are all kinds of ways that you can transform learning using all kinds of mobile technologies - you just need to decide what fits with your college's strategy and get started.

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