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Helping your users get up to speed with Microsoft Word and the Office 2007 System

When you first open Word 2007, it looks very different to what you may have become used to, because it has been designed to make your life a whole lot easier.

So here's a training course, where you will learn the best ways to use the new Ribbon in Word, which highlights all of the most popular functions you need day-today. It will also introduce you to the Mini toolbar, which displays formatting commands within your documents, right where you want to use them. Plus you will learn the new Quick Styles; ready-made styles that give your document a professional makeover in no time at all.

Review the Word 2007 demo, or get started straight away on the course

Other resources to help staff migrate to the Office 2007 system include:

  • A simply but brilliant visual and interactive Word 2003 to Word 2007 Command reference guide
    This is worth having as a shortcut on the desktop for new users. Any time you want to find where menu options went to in the new version, then run this, point to the menu item, and it will tell you how to access it in Office 2007's Ribbon.
  • The Office 2007 System Training Centre, designed for everyone from beginners to advanced users - from things like "creating your first presentation" to "getting started with Pivot tables".
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