Open XML – and Shakespearean insults!

Well, it got your attention didn't it! You may wonder about the link between the two, so I'll point you to the answer...

Jason Matusow is a Microsoft Senior Director of Corporate Standards and Interoperability, and often writes in his blog about the current debate on Open XML (by the way, have you expressed your opinion yet?). Which means that people often take the chance to throw the occasional derogatory comment in the direction of his writing. He's provided his readers with a more eloquent way to do this, by pointing them towards a "Shakespearean Insult Generator" (Instructions for Insulting Me).

How useful would that be the next time one of the lecturers reports a wireless network problem but fails to notice they've switched off the wireless with the little switch so many manufacturers are adding to laptops these days. How about "What trick, what device, what starting-hole canst thou now find out, to hide thee from this open and apparent shame?" (Henry IV) or "Thou hath not so much brain as ear wax" (Troilus and Cressida)

Anyway, I digress (perhaps my brain is as dry as...). The debate over ratifying Open XML will continue over the summer, and if you want to express your support for extending a standard, then now's the time to contribute your opinion. Although ODF is already one standard agreed, there's place for more - and there are a number of holes when it comes to compatibility between ODF systems (ODF doesn't define a standard for formulae in spreadsheets, for example - which seems a bit too open if you ask me!)

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