London FE Regional Support Centre’s SharePoint day

The London RSC have just published the notes from their London Windows Admins group meeting in mid-March, when they spent the day talking about SharePoint. There are some interesting points in the notes from the day, as those who had implemented SharePoint talked about their experiences, and very importantly, talked about why  they had chosen to do things.

 What struck me were two quotes from the notes:

"Successful implementations make it look easy and ultimately worthwhile – the user simply logs in, from anywhere on any device, and can access their folders and shared folders, upload to the VLE, see email, get into the library system and cleverly, see their students’ attendance for the week- all from the same homepage "

And a dire warning at the end, about who's role it was to implement:

"Who does it – IT or ILT? Typically starts with IT. Programmer support often from the MIS admin side.  BUT – quickly becomes obvious this is a whole college project and success criteria is the uptake among all kinds of admin, support and teaching staff, and learners.  Silo development at your peril."

Read all about it here


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