A Fond Farewell

As part of a few changes we’re making to both the UK Live@edu team and the way that we communicate with customers, we will no longer be regularly updating this blog.

We’re going to leave all of the content up so any links and videos will continue to work, and we’ve compiled a list of the best sources of Live@edu help, support, and community engagement you can get:

  • Live@edu Answers
    • This site is a vibrant, easy to use community full of likeminded Live@edu users focuses on all aspects of the Live@edu service except Outlook Live which has its own dedicated community site at Outlook Live Answers.  Whether you want to see how someone else is doing, show off the solution you’ve just implemented, or chat to a Microsoft representative near you, there’s something to help you out!
  • Outlook Live Answers
    • This sister site to Live@edu Answers focuses exclusively on the Outlook Live service of Live@edu.
  • Outlook Live Help
    • The new & improved Outlook Live Help website is fully searchable and gives you access to a number of different articles related to the enrolment, provisioning, and use of the service. A really helpful place to help yourself!
  • The Unofficial Live@edu Blog
    • This blog, written by a US Live@edu champion Jonny Chambers, is a great source of news & views from the US Live@edu team.

This announcement also coincides with another bit of news – after two fantastic years working on the UK Live@edu team, I’ll be moving on from the role of Deployment Specialist on Friday 20th August to join another team within the company.  We’re in the process of finding someone to do my role, and so before my chair has too much of a chance to cool down there'll be someone else in place to answer all of your deployment questions!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with and blog for such an amazing group of schools, colleges and universities – and seeing some of the things you’ve all done with the Live@edu service has been nothing short of inspirational.

Many thanks for reading the UK Live@edu blog!

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