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We are extending the deadline for signing up to the ‘Organisational Terms of Use’ for your domains"!

For those customers who have yet to sign up to the new Terms of Use and want to, you now have until 5pm on Friday 25th September to visit the website and click ‘I Accept’ for all domains that you wish to upgrade.logodcnew 

What is the Organisational TOU?

The ‘Org-Owned’ service introduces new features and administrative capabilities for Outlook Live that provides significant administrative flexibility, and is now the default feature set for all new Live@edu customers who select Outlook Live. 

Highlights of Live@edu Organization include:

  • Multi-mailbox search provides a method to search for e-mail messages and other electronic communication sent and received by people in your organization.

  • Streamlined on-boarding experience for users lets users start to use Outlook Live immediately, without having to accept terms of use or receive parental consent.

  • Transport Rules are organization-wide rules that an administrator can use to control the flow of e-mail messages inside, and into and out of their organization.

Why do I need to sign a new TOU?

The features that are included with Live@edu Organization change the underlying data ownership model and contract relationship with Microsoft. Therefore, all existing customers must sign a new Terms of Use agreement (TOU) before we can enable Live@edu Organization for your domains.

What do I need to do?

Click here to be taken to the org-owned TOU website. From there, you simply need to sign in with your admin account and click ‘I Accept’. If you have domains under several different admin accounts, you’ll need to sign in to each separately. Please note, it takes 7-10 working days for the migration to be complete.

If you do not follow the steps above before Friday 25th September, you will be unable to do so until Spring 2010!

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