Introducing GalSync

The new version of GalSync (formerly ELMA) is now available!


Version three of our management agent for ILM has now been released, and goes under the new name of GalSync. Formerly called ELMA (for Exchange Labs Management Agent), the name change not only reflects the move to Outlook Live from Exchange Labs, but brings a significant improvement to the installation, setup and use of ILM with Outlook Live and Live@edu.

What’s New?

We’ve worked really hard to make the whole process of using GalSync a lot smoother – so from first setup through to running the sync and setting up PNCS, there are now friendly wizard screens that let you get set up within an AD infastructure out of the box! There’s also more and better documentation than we’ve had with any previous release of the management agent, and GalSync is fully supported through the Live@edu support portal.

Do I have to upgrade from ELMA v2?

No – not at all. The current plan is to move all customers (ELMA v2 and GalSync v3) to GalSync v4, once released (Q4 2009). There will be a well communicated grace period before customers have to move, and actually due to some of the changes it's likely that R2 customers will be given more time.

Where do I go to get stuff?

The full GalSync documentation can be found at, and a handy guide to upgrading from ELMA v2 can be found at To obtain the software, get in touch with your deployment partner or drop your account representative an email!

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