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One of the most requested features for Live@edu was the ability to have an on-premises messaging system and Outlook Live domain share the same domain suffix. So, for example, I want to keep my staff on premise but outsource my students to Live@edu – but I want to keep them both on the domain, rather than having and domains.

With release 3 of Outlook Live this became possibly and easily achievable by using what we call a Shared Address Space. It’s something you need to plan to do from the offset – but if you go into enrolment knowing you want a shared address space, you only have five easy steps to follow! This diagram shows a typical shared namespace setup:


As you can see, the MX records still point to your on premise system and mail is then routed out to the ‘live’ domain. In this example, the five steps are:

1. Enroll the domain

2. Add as an accepted domain

3. Configure as an internal relay domain

4. Create Outlook Live accounts with a primary e-mail address in the domain

5. Create an internal relay on on-premise system.

Full instructions on setting up a shared address space can be found by clicking here!

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