The science behind co-branding

invincibleOne of the most popular features of Live@edu is the ability to add your own custom logos and links to both the Windows Live and Outlook Live environments. It adds individuality, helps you to create familiar environments and comply with policy, and helps students to develop that all-important affinity to their school, college or university.

With release 3 of Outlook Live the co-branding options changed, affording you a larger image in the Outlook Live environment, and more uniformed custom links throughout the Live@edu service. While this is great, we’ve had a few common questions around the set-up and publishing of the co-branding – and so it only seemed right to get them down in a blog post…

Where’s the shiny blue background gone?

A lot of customers are reporting that after they apply and publish their co-branding, the navigation bar at the top of the page loses the blue background image, becoming an ugly block of plain white colour. On the same page that you select your co-branding logo, you get an option to ‘Enable custom theme defined below’. When you select and upload an image for co-branding, this box automatically gets ticked. If you want to keep the blue background image for the top bar ‘as-is’, you simply need to uncheck that box as illustrated below:


What are the image sizes I can use? Is it the same for Windows Live and Outlook Live?

The Outlook Live help pages have a handy guide to co-branding that specifies all of the things you can change with co-branding and talks a little more about image formats etc. For quick reference, here are the image size limits:

Area where image is used

Maximum width (pixels)

Maximum height (pixels)

Maximum size (KB)

Outlook Live (Logo Only)




Branding Bar Background Image




Branding Bar (Windows Live)




Happy branding!

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