How to Prepare for Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

If you are submitting an electronic support request, be sure to include these details in your description of the situation.

The following guide can help you prepare for a support request:


Microsoft Dynamics Solution Information

1.     Describe the procedure you were trying to accomplish when the error occurred.

o    What was the exact error message? Can you please provide screen shots?

o    What module (Financial, Sales, etc.) were you working in?

o    What window were you using?

o    What were you doing when you got the message?

2.     What version of the product are you using? (Please provide steps to retrieve GP and add-on build numbers)

3.     What steps have you tried so far to resolve the situation?

4.     Have you been able to complete the task before? If so, what is different since the last time you completed the task?

5.     Does the problem occur from any other workstation or with another user?

6.     Do you have similar problems in other modules as well?

7.     Do you have any third-party products (applications developed by another vendor) loaded?

8.     Are you able to recreate the problem?

9.     Do you have a backup system in place? Can a backup be restored?

10.  Can you provide a dexsql.log and Sql trace?

Hardware/System Information

1.     What type of server is being used? (Windows NT, Windows 2000, etc.)

2.     What operating system are the client workstations running? (Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Vista, etc.)

3.     How many workstations have the problem?

4.     Are there any workstations that are working? What is different about these workstations?

5.     Does the hardware satisfy our minimum requirements?

6.     How much RAM do you have? How much available disk space do you have on the server and workstations?

7.     What protocols do you have loaded on the server and/or on the workstation? (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX or NETBEUI)

8.     What type of network card is being used on the server/workstation?

9.     What type of network hub are you using?

10.  How many users do you normally have on the system?


Sunita Patel

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