Improvements on PartnerSource

In response to a lot of feedback, the PartnerSource site (login required) has recently been updated. This post describes some of the improvements, and lists a number of new features which are designed to help you find the content you need.

If you have been away from PartnerSource for a while, then I hope you will take this opportunity to re-visit the site and to follow the links below to find som really useful ways to find content.


Below are some examples of improved areas.

See the latest updates by the product you are interested in:

Click on Solutions, and select your product. This gives you the newest content, grouped by the following categories:

  • News

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Support & Deployment

  • Training

  • certification

In addition to this, you can subscribe to each category so you will get an email notification whenever new content arrives.


Support hot topics:

Click on Support and select "Hot Topics". Here you can get topics by date, by product, and by type (Hot topics / Product Releases / Hotfixes etc).


Email notifications (RSS feeds):

As mentinoed above, you can now subscribe to updates in specific categories. Click here to get a full list of RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. The list includes RSS feeds lilke "Most Recent KB articles" and "Most Viewed KB Articles", for each product (NAV, AX, GP, CRM and SL).


Finally, a few links that I would recommend that you try out:


As always,  you can add comments just below. I encourage any comments to what other features / problems / wishes / questions / etc that would help PartnerSource help you!


Lars Lohndorf-Larsen 
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
EMEA Customer Support & Services - SMS&P
Microsoft UK Ltd

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