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Following on from my previous post, CRM Online Orion Is Now Live, the CRM 2013 on-premises RTM bits are now available from Microsoft Downloads.

  • CRM 2013 Language Packs - here
  • CRM 2013 Server - here
  • CRM 2013 Email Router - here
  • CRM 2013 Report Authoring Extensions - here
  • CRM 2013 Client For Outlook - here
  • CRM 2013 SharePoint List Component - here

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  1. Thank you Simon.

    Is it possible to upgrade the RC1 VM -provided a month ago- with the RTM Version?

  2. Simon Hutson says:

    Although I haven't tried it, I was told that RC1 -> RTM upgrade is not possible, but solutions exported from RC1 should work on RTM. It only took me a few minutes to uninstall RC1 and install RTM on my VM.

  3. Simon Hutson says:

    I just tested the move from RC1 to RTM. I uninstalled RC1, then deleted MSCRM_CONFIG database from SQL Server, then installed RTM (creating a new CRM deployment) and finally attached the RC1 databases using Deployment Manager. This seems to work.

  4. Paul Boiano says:

    Have you seen any of the upcoming Implementation Guide sections? Are the beat versions available online?

    Main question right now is related to supported SQL Server versions. I know it needs to be 64 bit, but I am currently starting an upgrade project for a client who has CRM 4.0 running on a server with 4gb ram and SQL Server 2008 (not R2) Standard 64 bit.

    They have both CRM server, SQL and SSRS all running on this one machine (yes it is Win 2008 R2, 64 bit OS).

    I am definitely going to recommend more ram and a move to at least SQL 2008 R2, but I was wondering if I should be recommending SQL 2012, since they want to "quickly" upgrade to 2013 on-premise by end of Q1 2014.



  5. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi Paul. The CRM 2013 implementation guides are available here –…/details.aspx. SQL 2008 Standard Edition x64 SP3 is supported.

  6. asherico says:

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to make an entity managed to unmanaged entity , can anyone help me how to do this?

  7. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi asherico. I'm not sure there's a way of doing this. Have you looked at the CRM developer toolkit in the SDK? This includes a packager tool that might be of some use –…/hh372957.aspx

  8. Marcel Jacobs says:

    Create a new solution, add the entity to the solution, export the solution as managed, delete the entity out of CRM and import the managed solution.

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