CRM Online Steps Closer To Office 365

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Yesterday (Thursday 19th July 2012), we took another step towards the convergence of our CRM Online and Office 365 cloud services. Anyone signing up for a CRM Online 30 day trial, will now automatically be set up on the Microsoft Online Service Portal (MOSP) administration, billing & provisioning platform that is used by Office 365. This is great news since new customers no longer have to worry about how they manage Windows Live IDs for each of their users. It also means it is really easy to set up both credit card and invoice billing when upgrading from a trial to a full subscription.

To sign up for a 30-trial, simply visit and click on the “Free Trial” link, then “Try Now”.


Once there, you will no longer see the old CRM Online signup page, but instead you will be presented with the new Microsoft Online Services signup page.


We haven’t reached the end of our journey yet, since we still have a number of customers who are using CRM Online on the old platform. However, over the coming few months, you should expect to see announcements about how we plan to migrate those customer onto the Microsoft Online Service Portal.

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Comments (11)

  1. Mike P says:

    Hey Simon,

    What about partners with IUR? Will be migrated over eventually? Or do we at least have an option to delete our current organisation, request a new trial and apply our IUR's to that?

    We're about to start using CRM in anger and I don't want to have the hassle with Live IDs. Also, it would be nice to show our customers the integration aspect of it!



  2. Simon Hutson says:


    We are planning to migrate everyone currently on the Windows Live ID authentication platform, but I don't know what the timescales for this are. When demoing to customers, you could always use DemoBuilder ( We are just in the process of updating it so that CRM Online & Office 365 are provisioned on the same instance Microsoft Online Portal, which means you will be able to demo the benefits of an integrated platform.

    As soon as I get more information, I'll post it to my blog.

    Regards, Simon

  3. Adrian W says:

    Hi Simon,

    This is fantastic news – can you keep us posted on the migration situation too? We're really keen to move from Live Authentication to Office 365 authentication as we use both 365 and CRM and would love to get them integrated into a single login.



  4. Mamta says:

    That is a great news! Look forward to more details

  5. Jason X says:

    Hi Simon,

    My company has Office 35 and CRM 2011 Online separately. When CRM is eventually merged into Office 365, how will MS know which account to merge it with?


  6. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi Jason

    My understanding is that when migration is made available, you will be asked for a list mapping your current Windows Live ID users to your Office 365 users.

    Regards, Simon

  7. crm solutions says:

    really amazing blog and I was thankful to you for sharing such a useful information.

  8. Richard says:

    It's now September 2013 and still not a word on merging our services.  I've been reading these promises for well over 2 years now.  In the meantime new customers get the best solution.  Horrible way to treat existing customers.

  9. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi Richard. Sorry to hear things are not what you expect. Could you get in contact via the "Email Blog Author" link at the top of this page and I will ask our customer services team to look into this for you.

  10. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi Richard. Assuming you are still using Windows Live IDs with your CRM Online instance, then we are currently in the process of notify customers about moving them to the Office 365 platform. Your CRM administrator should receive an email notification. In the meantime, you can find answers to almost any question you may have at the CRM Online "Transition Centre" here –…/default.aspx

  11. Jasmina says:

    Hello, we are still using Live ID's to log into our CRM Online. Our scheduled transition date is in March. However, we would prefer to start fresh and start using CRM on our Office 365 platform right away from scratch, without transitioning our old CRM  database. Is that possible? Can we start a new instance of CRM on the Office 365 and use our license with it, without having to transition? Thank you.

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