CRM Online Discovery Web Service Changes For Office 365

The Wind Blew Them All Away…

I was just browsing through the CRM SDK when I spotted a change that will affect you if you develop applications that connect to the CRM Online web services.

The Discovery web service is used by applications to determine the organisations that a user is a member of, and the URL to access the CRM web service for each of those organisations. All a developer needs to know is the address of the Discovery Service, and this will provide them everything they need to know to connect to the correct CRM Online organisation.

Now that we have a second CRM Online environment, running on the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) administration, billing and provisioning platform, we also have a new set of URLs for the Discovery service (depending on which region you are in).

Full details can be found in the SDK here - Discover the URL for Your Organization with IDiscoveryService Web Service.

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