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I just had a question posted via the contact form on my blog from Chitrarasan Durai, who works at one of our partners. Unfortunately, I don't usually have the luxury of being able to spend time working on complex problems, so I thought I throw the question open to the readers of this blog. If anyone has any positive comments to make, please add them to this post.

Hi, I have application it's purpose is to get the all the contacts from outlook and update that into CRM.It is a service so that all contacts always Syn with outlook.This like "Track In CRM" functionality aviable in Outlook.We also replicated same funtionality.We have created properties that have been created when you click "Track In CRM" for a contact.It works fine if we wont set OwnerId for a contact manually.Once we set OwnerId other than Administrator it throws error saying "The server not able to communicate with CRm Server".

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