Webcast: Custom Development on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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During my weekly browse for new CRM-related content around the web, I saw this recorded webcast appear on the Microsoft on-demand webcast site.

MSDN Webcast: MSDN geekSpeak: Custom Development on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Aaron Elder (Level 200)

MSDN geekSpeak is a new kind of webcast series, hosted by Glen Gordon and Lynn Langit from the MSDN Events team. Dispensing with slide decks and scripted demonstrations, geekSpeak webcasts bring you industry experts in a "talk-radio" format. These experts share their knowledge and experience around a particular developer technology. Hear about industry trends, new technology, real-world experiences, and more. Have your questions answered in real time, hear lively discussions and debates, and add your comments to the fray. Who knows, you might even see a whiteboard sketch or an off-the-cuff demonstration. For this geekSpeak session, we have tapped former Microsoft team member and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist Aaron Elder. Aaron shares his tips and takes your questions on building custom applications on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To have a question or comment addressed during the webcast, visit the geekSpeak blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/geekspeak and ask it now!

 You can view this webcast here.

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