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I recently came across a web-site that provided a free database containing a list of virtually every town in the UK and Ireland, along with the associated county and country - that's a total of 48,421 towns across 127 counties in 5 countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). Unfortunately it doesn't have a list of associated postal codes, but it struck me that even this amount of data would be very useful for improving the quality of address data within your Microsoft CRM application.

You need to provide some basic registration details, but you can download a copy of the database here new link here.

If I get some spare time I might build a quick proof of concept add-in for Microsoft CRM that does real-time validation each time you add a new address. If I feel really adventurous, I'll also try building an end-of-day batch process to flag up incomplete or invalid addresses that can be fixed manually. Actually, who am I kidding - I never get the time to dive into code for a couple of days. Does anyone want to knock something up and send me a link?

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  1. Zoot Allures… I recently came across a web-site that provided a free database containing a list of

  2. Munster Fan says:

    I live in Ireland and am going to intergrate it in to a e-commerce web site. I've opened up it but i think I might have to configure the tables around a little for what should make a very attractive sign-up page. I love it and can see me benifiting from it.

  3. kaushik says:

    downlod links not workin

  4. Simon Hutson says:

    Hi Kaushik, you are indeed correct, the external link no longer works. However after a quick search on Microsoft Bing, I was able to find the new link –

  5. Leinster Fan says:…/resources

    New location of the free files…

  6. Scott says:

    Anyone know where these files are located now? Would be really useful.

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