Reuben Krippner’s Guest Spot: More great material on Virtual PC

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Greetings all, a quick note of world cup reflection from an unbiased Australian perspective before we begin today's article (forgive me all Italian fans out there) but WE WERE ROBBED!!! 🙂  OK, now that is out of my system, here beginneth the article:

Simon has posted a couple of excellent articles on how to set up networking with your virtual pc images. Our colleagues in the virtual pc product team have also been posting some excellent content that covers a huge range of topics including:

  • Making copied virtual machines unique
  • Configuring advanced network scenarios
  • Using differencing disks to increase portability
  • Using Shared Folders to simplify file exchange
  • Debugging a target virtual machine from a physical debugger host

This is all included in an excellent whitepaper from the virtual pc team which can be downloaded from here. If you are struggling with managing your virtual pc's for the many demonstration systems you have or you use virtual pc for dev/test environment management on your projects then this whitepaper is an excellent resource. It covers off many concepts on networking which will boost your field knowledge and assist you with your implementation projects.

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