Reuben Krippner’s Guest Spot: Greetings from your new Australian CRM connection!

Charlotte The Harlot...

As it might have appeared that I am in fact a phantom, I thought it appropriate to signal my existence! As Simon has mentioned I have recently moved into the PTS team for Microsoft CRM and will be working with partners in the UK on their technical and sales readiness. After working in the consulting team here at Microsoft I am fully versed in the real-world issues many of you have faced with MS-CRM implementations and look forward to sharing with you the benefit of my experiences. Additionally, I am hard at work on a UK demo toolkit which will consist of a UK version of the Microsoft CRM virtual PC image as well as a "first-call" click-through demo built with PowerPoint. Both these demo tools will be backed by a script to help pre-sales and sales folks accordingly. Stay tuned for release details soon, I am anticipating that this will be in the July timeframe.

Additionally, I am working towards two whitepapers which I hope will prove useful to the community at large:

  • CRM Implementation Project best practices - what to do and what NOT to do!
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration Guide - how to do it, where are the resources and what materials can Microsoft provide to help you.

More from me soon, in the meantime, hope you are all enjoying the Summer! The next 6-12 months promises to be yet another exciting chapter in MS-CRM and more exciting complementary technologies (namely Office 2007) to help you solve your customer's CRM challenges!

Kind regards,

Reuben Krippner

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