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For those of you not using InformationSource, I would have to ask the question why not? Microsoft Dynamics InformationSource is a set of Services that enables customers & partners, to gain control and deliver predictable implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Think of it as a gateway to a wealth of information and services.

You can access InformationSource from within CustomerSource and PartnerSource

We continue to make numerous enhancements to InformationSource based on customer feedback. We have added additional meta data tagging for improved filtering and searching, added support for Dynamics CRM, including questions and responses to assist with answering RFP’s, and added the ability send links based on search results facilitating easy sharing of the wealth of information available to our customers, partners, and employees to increase the level of predictability of Dynamic’s implementations.

Enhanced Search


Dynamics CRM Q&A


Posted By Fee Nolan

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  1. Where do I see what's new since my last visit says:

    This makes Partnersource as cumbersome as Informationsource.

    It can't be included in a feed reader.

    Information about AX is found on so many different places (Microsoft, blogs, discussion groups, …)

    Even the same documents are referenced at countless different Microsoft sites.

    When I search for new publications about AX I have fight through tons and tons of documents I already saw or classified as irrelevant multiple time.

    In a feed reader I see which posts I have already read and can easily skip them.

    It's helpful of Microsoft to provide information about their products.

    But Informationsource is a burden because it's yet another source to manage.

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