Graytone with eBECS and Microsoft Dynamics AX–video story available


Graytone spearheads a group of companies specialising in the distribution of products and coatings to the aerospace and defence industries.

Some of the key benefits:

· Achieved growth of 20% since 2008 without the need for additional staff.

· Minimal delivery errors and returns through the integration of deliveries and the subsequent  invoicing process.

· Easy-to-understand reporting in graphical and numeric format using the standard ‘Microsoft  Office’ suite of products.

· Improved customer service through the ability to plan delivery times more accurately.

· Automatic flagging of undesirable ‘pinch-points’ that highlight areas of concern against which the business can respond quickly.

· Minimal internal training required due to the familiar and intuitive ‘Microsoft Office’ interface.

· Improved responsiveness of senior management through prompt finance reports at the end of each accounting period.

· Confident decision-making through prompt access to accurate and trustworthy data One version of the truth on business data by running the group’s finances through one central server.

· Corrective action can be taken quickly through investigative drill-down capabilities that view each order, invoice and customer activity.

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  1. John Arnold says:

    Interesting that they are no longer with eBECS but moved to a long term partner in HSO

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