AX 2012 Technet Resources & AX 2012 Benchmarking Availability


Hello All, recently we blogged about the availability of Information Source, a very useful repository of information around AX, for use in RFI responses, links to tools and background information to AX 2012 core concepts. Information Source is one of the tools that is listed under the AX 2012 resources you will find on Technet.

Technet will list many of the general AX resources available to you and is a great starting point when you’re looking for more technically orientated information such as benchmarks for instance, something that many of you have been asking for.

The link to the AX 2012 content on Technet is here

The link to the AX 2012 Day in the Life of Benchmarking Summary and Detail reports is here

Please make sure you take some time out with a mince pie and mulled wine to have a look around the Technet content if you haven’t already done so – you might find a few pleasant surprises. The links may take you to public downloads, but some content may require a CustomerSource or PartnerSource Login!


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