If you go down to TVP today….


Ok starting off a blog update with at 3 letter acronym is not my finest hour! TVP = Thames Valley Park, our Reading office, within which you will now find all poster placements from Building 1 through 5 filled with Microsoft Dynamics ERP posters. Hurrah!

This has kicked off a multi-faceted campaign internally to talk more widely around the ERP solutions and their benefits to our customers. For those of you attending the roadshows you would have seen the images being used in the poster and pull-ups. However for those not, here’s an example of what you’re now greeted with wandering through the buildings.


Equally, when neither myself or Andrew were in the office we received thank you emails from some of our more “hungry” colleagues because our ERP cup cakes landed. here’s one below being modelled by Andrew that managed to be transported from Reading to London (thanks Lou!)


Microsoft Dynamics ERP and AX 2012 has well and truly landed Smile

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