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Hello All, thanks for those active “chatters” last night on the blog, very insightful in relation to after-school activities of partners in the UK. One of our guys here at Reading watched with his children from the comfort of his own home, and kept a 5 year old glued for 90 minutes, surely showing the powerful ability of AX 2012 Winking smile

So all of the content is available – to access, simply register (if you haven’t already done so) and then take the tour of the many breakouts available, including Industry, Customer Showcases, CFO & CIO, and Upgrade information. You can get to the content here, so please do take the time to get registered and take the tour of the breakouts available – bite size and easy to consume!


Huge kudos to Rif Kiamil from JJ Food Service, who for the first time ever I saw wearing a tie:


Andrew and I were manning the chat lines from the UK Columbus IT offices, thankfully I’d been placed next to the box of stress balls. Thanks to all of the lovely partners and customers who did their shout outs on the chat line especially given it was officially tea-time!


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