Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Menu Item Mapping Document to CAL – Now Available !!

Hi All

Please find below the link to the Menu Item Mapping document. This document will assist you when mapping CALs to roles.

Click Here



Comments (3)

  1. Paul Connell says:

    It doesnt seem to map CALs to Roles. It maps MenuItems to CALS. To cross reference to Roles, you have to work out which menu item is in which Rrivilege, then which Privilege is in which Duty, then which Duty is in which Role.(or in reverse, usually)

    Do you have one of these that actually has the AX 2012 Role e.g. Receiving Clerk and tells you if the Receiving Clerk is E,F,T or S CAL?

    Regards, Paul Connell

  2. Vanaja says:

    The link to this document doesn't work anymore

  3. octobahn says:

    Hi…is there an update to this document since it was last published? Thanks much!

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