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Hey All,

I know we’re all challenged time-wise but I would encourage you all to take some time out to look through the announcements we’ve made at Convergence with the Keynote that kicked off with Steve B and Kirill yesterday.

We have announced the general availability of AX 2012 in August 2011, something I know many of you were asking about.

You can view the announcements, press releases, associated materials and keynote recording on the Microsoft Dynamics PressRoom here.

Steve B showcased TAP customer Hydra-Power Systems, a distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as one of the first customers running on a pre-release version of the new solution. And they certainly sound like a happy customer, judging by this quote from Bob Jablonski, Operations Manager at Hydra-Power Systems: "With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, it’s very easy to scale horizontally or vertically to meet the challenge of whichever requirements the business presents. The solution is so stable and flexible that IT almost becomes invisible."

In addition you can get the view from the ground in Atlanta (hot would be my view) on The Edge Blog

And if you want to see what is now publically available on AX 2012 you can view and direct people to the AX 2012 Launch Portal here 

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