Are you making the most of the Role Related content for Dynamics?

Hello All, this has been on my mind some time, even to the point of keeping me awake at night (and not too much keeps me awake at night).

Please don’t forget everything around the research that has been done with regards the Dynamics Customer Model – many of our competitors have started to talk in relation to roles, however none have gone through the exercise of the deep level of R&D (with an emphasis on the “R”) that we’ve done, and that can’t be underestimated when talking to customers and prospects.

The research project around Roles is still on-going, indeed some of our UK customers are being used for the personas of the future.

On the following Microsoft page you’ll find the following:

  • whitepaper on the Dynamics Role Tailored Business Productivity
  • The Dynamics Customer model in a low and high resolution format

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