Search on Bing and raise money for Sports Relief

What’s something we all do every day? Other than getting up, brushing teeth, going to work, etc, we all use a search engine to find and consume information on a variety of topics. Clearly our search engine of choice is BING. For those of you stating any other search engine at this point in time, please take yourself off to a corner and have a word with yourself…..

Anyway, Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, has teamed up with Sport Relief this year to raise some money for good causes. For every 10 searches you do on Bing, Microsoft will donate 5p to Sport Relief. I have signed up already and if you join me we can raise money together. Or if you invite your friends and family to join you, your whole group can participate and see how much money you're raising together for Sport Relief. Couldn't be easier and it's for a great cause!

So join my fundraising group now and start raising money for Sport Relief at or set your own up at


At least for some of you there’s no physical activity involved (other than tapping on the keyboard :0))

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