VAT 2010 Updates

The country-specific updates for AX have been released for the UK and Austria. 

Updates for AX 2009 RTM and SP1 are available for download.  Updates for 4.0 SP2 are expected to be available on PartnerSource this week.  Links will be provided as soon as they are live.

· Link to AX 2009 RTM & SP1 Global update

· Link to AX 2009 RTM & SP1 UK update

· Link to AX 2009 RTM & SP1 Austria update

In the previous VAT 2010 update newsletter, it was announced that feature KB 973231 included in Rollup 3 was no longer required.


Service item transactions are included in the EU sales list for VAT 2010.

European Union (EU)

Country/region-specific update for the European Union (EU)

It has been replaced by KB 977682 Link to AX 2009 RTM & SP1 Global update

For each country, the partner should first install the Global update to get the new EU Sales List transfer functionality.  Then the country-specific update(s) should be installed.

This means that for the UK, the Global Update + UK update should be installed.  For Austria, the Global Update + Austria update should be installed. 

For multinational installs, the Global update only needs to be installed once.  Then each of the country updates can be installed when they become available. 

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