Critical Foundation Course on Microsoft Classic Licensing for Dynamics and ISV partners

We’re pleased to announce the following dates of the 14th October and 8th December for the running of this workshop.


This training event aims to provide our Dynamics and Microsoft ISV partners with a critical introduction to the benefits of the Microsoft Licensing Programmes with specific reference to product licensing such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Microsoft Office.  Including...

An Introduction to Microsoft Licensing Programs for Larger Businesses

· This section of the training will give attendees an understanding of the four licensing programs aimed at larger businesses: Select, Select Plus, Enterprise Agreements and Enterprise Subscription Agreements.  The focus will be on ensuring that partners can understand what licences customers already have in place when they are discussing further bespoke solutions based on a Microsoft infrastructure.  The forthcoming Enterprise Application Platform and Core Infrastructure enrolments will also be covered

An Introduction to Microsoft Product Licensing

· This section of the training will introduce attendees to the different Microsoft product licensing models with specific focus on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Microsoft Office.  The session will include both factual information as to the facts surrounding the licensing of these products, but also consider typical scenarios that partners are likely to come across when building customer solutions that interact with these products

Working with Microsoft

· This section of the training will help partners to understand the resources available to them when selling their solutions.  Areas covered will include: how and when to engage internal Microsoft people, working with LARs, resources for competitive situations, the Ask Partner team, and other useful online resources

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