How to use titles effectively to rank higher in Pinpoint

Want to increase your ranking on Pinpoint and generate more business leads? Then be sure you have an effective title for your solution.

The Pinpoint search engine uses relevancy to match searches to partner solutions, so think about the search terms your customers are using in the "Search for" field and put them in your title. But keep it short! Customers often stop paying attention after about 8 words.

The following tips should help you construct the most effective titles:

o Keep titles 10 words or less in length

o Don't include your product name or trademark

o Focus on business issues and problems

o Use customer vocabulary

o Don't include your company name (it's stored elsewhere in your solution)

o Don't name the geographic region you serve (it's stored elsewhere in your solution)

o Do name the industry your solution serves

Create or edit your solutions with the Solution Profiler tool. Following those tips should help you rank higher in search results and thus generate more leads. And don't forget to have your customers leave ratings and reviews!

Posted By Fee Nolan

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