Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hi All, an RSS update is in the pipeline on this which will contain additional information.

A release candidate was made available for partner download on March 16th on PartnerSource. The purpose of the release is to allow partners to familiarize themselves with this solution and gather early customer feedback. For this reason, Partners can use this version for testing and educational purpose but will not be able to use this version in live customer production environments.

Additional details will be found in the RSS feed relating to obtaining license keys etc. 

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX is planned to be Generally Available on August 1st on specific country pricelists (see below). Solution certification will need to be required. Further details on the requirements will follow.

For a full overview of country and language availability at this time, please see the table below:

Language(s) Available in

Country Pricelist Availability

English-United States (ENUS)

Canada, UK, United States

Updated Useful Resources

Please use the resources below to familiarize yourself and your organization with Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

The pre-release solution will be available for download on PartnerSource from March 16 here: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/deployment/resources/productreleases/AX2009LeanManufacturing.htm

You can find the below product, sales, marketing and demo materials here:


Any questions please direct them to me.

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