Microsoft Partner Network

Hello All, some of you I know are already aware of this and have joined the Network. For those of you who haven’t, this is the site:

The newly-redesigned Partner Network provides a user-friendly space for partners to:

  • Create, discover and discuss new collaborative business opportunities
  • Share their  knowledge and experience with the rest of the partner community
  • Join groups of interest

So, why YOU should join:

  • Connect with other Partners online anytime around areas of interest, build your network by linking to others through the ‘friends’ feature.
  • Create groups to support your business objectives and invite members to join and contribute.
  • Share media with your Partners efficiently, and where necessary in a secure environment.
  • Setup your own blog.
  • Give your Partners a voice and integrate the MPN in your planned marketing communications, events and promotional activity.

Yes, it is another site. But, its a useful site that creates a two-way communication stream. In many partners’ opinion, we should have done this ages ago.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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