Hello All, for those of you attending the roadshow today, and asked about the WSS and MOSS comparison, here's a link to it :0)

It would appear I'd dreamt that I'd blogged it as opposed to actually blogging it :0)

Here's a few more details about the Role Centres requiring MOSS:

The CEO and Sales and Marketing Executive Role Centre pages require Office SharePoint Server. These pages are not available for Enterprise Portal running on Windows SharePoint Services.

Office SharePoint Server also includes the following features and services.

· Report Center: Enables users to share business data through personal or shared dashboards that include Microsoft Office Excel 2007 controls and key performance indicators.

· Business Data Catalog: Enables users to index business data and access it through portal and search capabilities.

· Excel Services: Enables users to manage and control spreadsheets through a Web browser.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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