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Hello all, for those of you attending the Presales workshop t'other day, the subject of BI was pretty prevelant given the level of integration we now have in AX 2009. We're very much planning on putting together another BI day similar to that run last year. Equally we'll look to do more around scripts for the AX 2009 VPC in relation to BI.

For now, should you wish to play about, you can make use of the previously blogged Demo Showcase images. Equally you can make use of a few links to get not only more BI related information but also play download and play with a Microsoft BI team VPC. Please note this image does NOT contain AX.

You can get to the BI VPC image from the following Partner Portal Page, under the demo page.

Equally you'll find a raft of information on the subject of BI here

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