Snap-ins for AX 2009 now available on CodePlex

Hi All, pleased to announce that we have uploaded new snap-in applications for Dynamics AX 2009 to CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source forum. They are available for download at These samples are available in source code format only. The Two snap-ins are:

Offline Expense - This snap-in enables expenses to be entered in Excel while disconnected from the corporate network, and then posted to Dynamics AX at a later time. This snap-in uses WCF-based services and LINQ to retrieve data from Dynamics AX, and uses the Application Integration Framework, or AIF to send business documents to Dynamics AX.
Business Data Lookup (BDL) - This snap-in enables information workers to access data from Dynamics AX from within Excel, Word and Outlook. This snap-in is an upgrade of the BDL snap-in that was distributed with Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.

Posted By Fee Nolan

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