Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Hot Topic

View the following recording avaialble on the Partner Learning Centre to get the latest on Dynamics Mobile and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. You can download the recording from here Posted By Fee Nolan


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 Live Meeting

Hi All, a newly released live meeting is now available on the Partner Learning Centre to take you through what’s included and the thinking behind the the service pack due to get it’s official GA next month. You can download and view the live meeting here. It’s only about 25 minutes in length so something…


Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office now available for existing customers

hello all – please refer to the following RSS feed for an update on the DCO being made available for existing customers from 1st October 2008, as well as some details regards a change in Software License Terms which will come into effect in December. Unless you’ve read the details I will point blank refuse…


Microsoft Business Intelligence Links

Hello all, for those of you attending the Presales workshop t’other day, the subject of BI was pretty prevelant given the level of integration we now have in AX 2009. We’re very much planning on putting together another BI day similar to that run last year. Equally we’ll look to do more around scripts for…


Demo Showcase 2008

Previously referred to as the Demo Showcase for the PeopleReady Business (tripped off the tongue!), this is the newly renamed version. For those of you who don’t know what it is – Demo Showcase 2008 gives you a robust demonstration environment to show customers how your innovative solutions can meet your customers’ business challenges. The…



So for those of you currently on the Presales workshop the subject of Virtualisation has just come up. Some of us know enough to be dangerous, but for those of you wanting to know more (always a good thing), it’s very much worth visiting this page on the UK Partner Portal. Here you’ll see sales…


Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centres/Centers

You say potatoe and I say, er potatoe…… a number of people have been asking for further details on the AX 2009 Role Centres – there’s a very nice page on which takes you through the details of what’s in each role. Definitely worth a look: Also don’t forget that a Role Centre…


Snap-ins for AX 2009 now available on CodePlex

Hi All, pleased to announce that we have uploaded new snap-in applications for Dynamics AX 2009 to CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source forum. They are available for download at These samples are available in source code format only. The Two snap-ins are: Offline Expense – This snap-in enables expenses to be entered in Excel while disconnected…


Dynamics AX Presales workshop – 22nd October

For those of you attending the presales day with Tim, he’s going to run through setting up the VPC to run through Hyper-V. If you want to ensure you’r running the VPC under Hyper-V when you leave he workshop you can partition your laptop (30Gb) and install Windows 2008K 64bit. Any questions please direct to Tim! Posted…


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Dynamics FAQ

Hi All, please use the following link on Partnersource to download and read the frequently asked questions to Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 licensing questions, most of which you’ll probably be aware of, but if you’re new to the channel, it’s a useful document to read through. Posted By Fee Nolan