Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Click Thru Demos

Hi All, we recently blogged the link to download the AX 2009 Demo Toolkit from PartnerSource. The toolkit contains the VPC, demo scripts, presentations, videos and click through demonstrations.

The Click Through Demonstrations have been created using DemoMate, a tool I blogged recently that is available to you on a 90 day trial basis. You can use it to create easy to ue and convincing demonstrations....without the need to fire up a VPC!

To run the Click Through Demonstration YOU MUST HAVE Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed which you can download and install from here.

The demonstrations will mimic the steps in the BDM Scripts so please download those first to have an idea of what the click through will entail. The scripts are also available to download on the Demo Toolkit page (DS001-1 and DS001-2).

When you launch the demonstration you'll be prompted for a user id and password. These will be the standard user id and passwords we've been using for the last few years! You will then need to display the demo mate toolbar which can be found if you hover in the bottom right hand corner of the demo itself.

You can then use the arrows to move backwards and forwards in the demonstration whilst getting used to the steps. In addition there are options to skip forward to different chapters, display a help option to show you where to click to progress through the demo, etc.

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